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What is Deep Stretching

Stretching that stretches muscles and brings peace to the mind

The stretching we all know is superficial stretching, a stretching that cannot bring you large-scale changes.

Deep Stretching - Camphor method, focuses on postural decontraction of deep muscles.

It works in total absence of fatigue, through breathing techniques and guided relaxation that go to release tension and stiffness.

Deep stretching, here meets meditation and body and breath awareness.

I will guide you, through breathing techniques, to bring awareness into the body and areas that are most sensitive to you.

Through breathing techniques, and precise choice of movements, I will lead you into deep relaxation. Here the rhythm of the mind slows down, the volume of thoughts decreases, as your muscles lengthen, pain melts away and the mind quiets down.

The Benefits of Deep Stretching

- Reduction of cytokines, responsible for inflammation in the body

- Decontraction and stretching of the muscle strips of the musculoskeletal system

- By its nature, deep muscles tend to shorten, causing progressive degeneration and subsequent inflammation such as bursitis, arthrosis and tendinitis.Stretching deep muscles, makes us not only stronger and more energetic, but also keeps the body healthier and more elastic in the long run.

...Not only for the body!

- Reduction in the levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline

- Through mindfulness and relaxation techniques, we are brought into a meditative state in which we find psychological and emotional benefits

The exercises are suitable for all ages, do not require physical exertion, and are specifically designed to be able to work on the deep muscles (anti-gravity muscles of the trunk, and the muscles of the back and pelvis, which have intersection with the spine) while greatly improving body mobility and function.




Each month the video of the new sequence is sent, where I show and explain, step by step, each movement.

The movement sequences are performed lying on the floor and with eyes closed, promoting relaxation of anti-gravity muscles and inner contact.

The setting of the voice and the type of language used during the class, induces deeper and deeper relaxation and attention to oneself at every level, allowing the mind to quiet down.

The slowness of the movements, allows muscles that are not normally used to be reactivated and to employ, in a different way, others that are usually used incorrectly.

It also promotes the abandonment of tension and control, allowing one to enjoy true rest and to stretch and tone deep and superficial muscles, rebalancing the action and the relationship between one and the other.

Muscle relaxation is of great importance because it allows one to work gently and deeply, sharpening the awareness of muscles and activating parts of the brain and muscles that are not usually used.

To achieve greater psychophysical benefit, breathing and visualization techniques are also used, so sense perception increases and relaxation becomes deeper, resulting in a vibrant, regenerated and nourished body.

I am always present, ready to correct incorrect movements and postures, making sure that you can enjoy every benefit in total safety.I always remain available for any clarification or demonstration.

Meetings are held weekly, Mondays at 7 pm.

We will meet live, 5 minutes before the class begins, to start at 7:00 pm with the practice. "What if I want to participate deferred?"

Not possible! (And I'll tell you why right now).

I only conduct Deep Stretching classes live, so I can follow your every movement from start to finish.

It is very important that you perform the movements correctly so that you experience the real benefits of the practice.

I want to be able to be there with you, to guide you throughout the class.


Individual Sessions online with Deepti Canfora

Can't attend the live evening, or do you have physical conditions that require special attention?

Don't worry, we can work together on a path of individual sessions that go to work in exactly the direction you need.

Contact me by email: or phone to define a path of individual sessions suitable for you and your specific situation



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