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Scuola di meditazione Rimini e Milano

Meditation teacher, psychodance therapist, creator of methods for the well-being of the human being in its entirety.

Thank you

Thanks to all my students of the past and present who have supported me in these decades of research and growth.

Thanks to those who witnessed the first steps of Metaphysical Dance and Deep Stretching in the 90s.

Thanks to those who arrived in the 2000s, who made the research possible that still continues today.

Thanks to those who continue to stand by me and share my journey.


You are all in my heart.


Meet Deepti

In 1975, at the age of 18, as a promising but deeply unhappy dancer, I left Italy to seek a higher meaning.
I end up in India, where I meet Osho, my  Master, and for 6 years I have been experimenting, researching, knowing and deepening meditation and therapy techniques.

I meet and clash with myself, and I return home with a personal mission.

I understand that dance is still part of my life, and I choose to create a path that combines body work with meditation.


These are years of research, study, in-depth analysis, integration and finally... creation.


They are born like this before theDeep Stretching - Camphora® Method, then thereMetaphysical Dance®, and in recent years, the creation of more than thirtyActive Meditations, inspired by Osho and the techniques of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, designed for modern man, his needs and problems.


What we will do together











  • Creator of Metaphysical Dance®, now accredited as a degree course by the Università Popolare di Milano.

  • Author of numerous Active Meditation techniques.

  • Creator of Deep Stretching®, a postural stretching combined with meditation, which lengthens the deep muscles.


  • Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques

  • Doctorat en Thérapie de la Danse-Méthode Metaphysical Dance®.

  • Registered at:
    Ordre Europeen des Psychothérapistes, Ordre Europeen des 'Specialistes en Disc. Psychologiques-Arts Thérapistes-registre des Danse-thérapistes

  • Order of Trainers.



  • Meditation teacher

  • Psychotherapist

  • Supervising counselor

  • Emotional life coach

  • Choreographer

  • Classical, modern and dance theater teacher

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