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annual online course
Deep Stretching

stretching combined with meditation

Even online, I can take care of your body with great professionalism, guiding you during the lesson.


Every month I propose a different sequence and provide the video with step-by-step explanations of each movement and the possibility of requesting further information.


The annual course is divided into 32 lessons over 9 months, from October to early June, every Monday at 7pm.

If you experience physical pain, stiffness and contractures, Deep Stretching can help you.


Ideal for those who want to take preventive care of themselves, but also for those who suffer from back and shoulder pain, for example due to incorrect posture, pain in the lumbar area, sciatica, neck pain, contractures.

The postural stretching, breathing and deep relaxation technique, which helps you harmonize your mind and body again, eliminating pain and contractures

Deep Stretching differs from any other type of stretching in that it works on the deep muscles and without fatigue, through breathing techniques, deep relaxation, and exercises created specifically to lengthen the deep muscles, harmonizing mind and body, eliminating pain and contractures.

Any pain, at any age, can be significantly improved by acting on the deep muscles!

What is deep musculature?

These are the muscles closest to your skeletal system, which work constantly as they are responsible for our anti-gravity ability.
Simply put, they are what allow you to stand and balance.

In order to work on deep muscles, the body needs a state of deep relaxation.

And we are practically never able to do it!



Imagine being able to lie down on the ground, and while a voice guides you in your movements and breathing, being able to relax those contracted muscles, lighten the weight on your back, find relief from that chronic pain that prevented you from living your days with serenity.

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They say about Deep Stretching

Small press review

The postural stretching, breathing and deep relaxation technique, created by Deepti Elena Canfora, helps to harmonize mind and body again, eliminating pain and contractures

The Canfora Method, created by Deepti Elena Canfora, develops a stretching method that combines breathing and movement, stretching and meditation. 

Deep stretching is a method that combines stretching positions and breathing techniques typical of meditation, to achieve deep relaxation and greater awareness of your body

Deep Stretching Camphor method, beyond traditional stretching

The lesson I tried, in addition to having put me in front of important physical limits (there is no point in hiding it), made me understand how the simplest movements could restore balance, first of all, the body and then the mind.

Deep Stretching, or Camphor Method from the name of its creator, is a new way of approaching stretching that has beneficial effects on patients of all ages.

In fact, Deep Stretching works on both the superficial and deep muscles, which tend to lose elasticity over the years, causing discomfort such as arthrosis, bursitis and tendonitis.

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