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Meditation Meeting in Milan

with Deepti Canfora


Active Meditations and Deep Stretching


April 21, 2024

10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Arteka - Porec Sports Center - Porec Street, 2/A (ang. Via Lodovico il Moro) there is parking and for those coming by vehicle, streetcar 2 will take you there

Meditation with Deepti to regain vital energy

It will be a journey to the very essence of our Being, a time dedicated to reconnecting with our center.

A path that allows us to explore and release pent-up energies, letting go of daily stresses and tensions, embracing a deep inner peace and recapturing our vital energy.

To sign up, send an email with your full name and phone number, to:

I hope you will be there


The program includes:

Vibration Metaphysical Dance Meditation

The body and its vibration, movement and stopping. Dance as exploration, then dropping from circumference to center.

An active meditation technique in which body and voice intertwine to give rise to movement whose rhythm, form and vibration become a manifestation of an inner state.

A meditation that takes you, through dance to savor the fragrance of your spiritual heart, and then let yourself fall from the chaos of the periphery to the center of your own silence.

A Deep Stretching Session.

After dancing and meditating, we stay in touch with the body and breath through a 'non-gymnastics' that becomes meditation.

Sequences of movements, which also through breathing and relaxation, decontract the deep muscles by re-harmonizing posture.

Stretching that brings physical well-being, a quiet mind and deep relaxation.

To close the morning:

Beyond Positive and Negative

This meditation wants you to experience, through movement, the opposites that live within us: from joy to sadness, from calmness to anxiety, finding the inner space to not get attached to the negative or positive emotion.

Because of attachment to the positive or negative, we lose ourselves but through the

non-attachment we can center ourselves and find peace in ourselves.


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