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Annual online Active Meditation course

Meditation… for modern man.

The movement that opens the doors to silence.

Modern man is not capable of sitting in meditation. The mind is too full and agitated to be able to do this.

The Active Meditations that I have created accompany you through the body, movement and dance, to dissolve the tensions present in every fiber of our body-mind and make all that excess energy flow out of our mental process which only creates chaos and It prevents peace and silence and being able to enjoy the immense benefits that active meditation can bring you, on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

The body as an instrument of expression

In the body, the unconscious preserves everyone's energetic and emotional history.


In every muscle there is memory, in every contracture there is something to reveal.
Every memory of the body echoes in the mind, and every thought resonates in the body.


Through the movement of the body, my guidance during meditation, and the music that I have carefully chosen to accompany you in the process, you will have the opportunity to free that energy, allowing the body to breathe in its entirety, and then be able to let yourself go into silence of meditation.

Active meditation group

Meditation is already within us, we have just lost the way to reach it, too many obstacles stand in the way.

Meditation techniques have this objective:

clear the way to reach our inner sky.

Meditation does NOT mean sitting with your eyes closed.
Meditation means much more.
Meditation means becoming aware of ourselves, our body, our emotions, our thoughts. 

This allows us to find that benefit that modern man longs for, that is, that of becoming less subservient to our own mind, of being in command.

To be able to distinguish when the mind can be of use to us and when it is not necessary at all.

Lezione gratuita di meditazione on-line

Active Meditations

Meditation for modern man.


Participate in the Active Meditation evening meetings, on Wednesdays online and experience the benefits of meditation on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

“I was attracted to meditation and mindfulness that I read and hear about so much, but I didn't know who to turn to.
By chance, I met Deepti, expert, professional, wise and above all full of heart.
It was a meeting that changed my life.
I am sure I have found the best possible guide in this important journey of knowledge"

-Patricia F.

“Deepti Canfora's Active Meditations have helped me in these long years to face everyday life with more awareness and tranquility.

These meditations which use body movement a little more than other meditative techniques,they really manage to make me detach my mind, even just for a moment, and make me feel an incredible sensation of serenity and love.

After more than 10 years one thing is certain: I would no longer be able to do without it!


Thanks Deepti”

- Yuti

“During her active meditations Deepti, with a warm, persuasive voice, welcomed me lovingly and gently led me inside.

Deepti guided me in finding harmony, balance, through the Heart, which welcomes.

The weekly appointment with his meditations allowed me to experience that there is a periphery, but also a center in which to rest and feel at home, connected, in the here and now, feeling and allowing what is there in that moment"

- Catherine

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