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Metaphysical Dance

Where Psychodance Therapy meets Art and Meditation

“…dancing beyond the limits of the real and the visible, a dance that takes you beyond what is visible, a dance that transcends what is physical. A dance that transforms what is physical into energy and goes beyond energy, bringing you to the center of yourself."

Metaphysical Dance uses the body as a tool of expression.
The body, as Reich stated, is the reservoir of the unconscious and preserves everyone's energetic and emotional history.
In an attempt to defend itself from prolonged trauma, the body creates a "block", an "armor". This blockage reduces the intensity and volume of emotions, sensations and feelings, and prevents the life force from flowing naturally.


The movement of the body is, undeniably, one of the most concrete and easily accessible possibilities that the unconscious has at its disposal to express itself and to give shape to what is in the mind.


By transferring energies from the mind to the body we activate it as an energetic propeller to bring dormant or denied energies to the surface. We bring ourselves into contact with what is invisible, what is denied and what is unconscious, giving it shape and making it visible, tangible, savorable, integrable. 


Accepting this revealing of the body-mind allows us to experience the first act of profound self-care and thus begin a process of "self-healing".


The spiritual heart and meditation are the keystone of these paths of self-exploration and human growth; they are precious tools to be able to experience an internal space of observation and listening, a space between our center and the periphery where the mind stirs.

A space that brings a new and broad vision and the fragrance of a dimension of deep acceptance and love towards ourselves. 

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