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Meditate starting from the body

"Always start with the body: because it is a fact. You have to start the journey from the body because you are in the body. Start from where you are, not from where you can be.

You are born as a body; you live as a body; you get sick and get treated as a body.

You age as a body; you die as a body. Your whole life revolves around the body.

You can use it and make it a vehicle, a medium, you can transcend it,

but the journey must be through the body, with the body and through the body."


Deepti meditations starting with the body

Every muscle carries within it something to be revealed, in every contracture is the memory of the past, every fiber of the body remembers, every memory of the body echoes in the mind, and every thought resonates in the body.

The active technique uses the body as an instrument of expression and the body, as Reich stated, is the reservoir of the unconscious and stores everyone's energetic and emotional history, and in an attempt to defend itself from prolonged trauma the body creates a 'block' or 'armor' with the chronic contraction of certain muscles and this contraction lowers the 'volume' of emotions, sensations, feelings, perceptions; preventing the life force within us, from flowing naturally, decreasing the inflow of energy.

Active Meditations are:

  • a kind of expedient,

  • something that precedes the meditation stage

  • takes you through the body, to release the tensions present in every fiber of your body

  • drains, from our mental process, all that surplus energy that only creates chaos and prevents us from meditating.



Each meditation I devise touches on a different theme, and the technique preceding the actual moment of meditation serves to consciously through the body experience patterns of behavior, dynamics and emotions.

Through manifestation and expression:

  • one releases dormant and compressed energy;

  • one brings 'breath' to the rigid structure of the body.

The body and the fourth chakra with its ability to create inner space and deep acceptance are protagonists.

I used carefully chosen orchestral music, dense with rhythm and engaging harmonic aspects such as to inspire and stimulate feeling and get in touch with thoughts, emotions and sensations stirring within us,

  • breathing them in instead of repressing them,

  • expanding them instead of contracting or struggling against them.

The energetic movement of dance is expansion, and in this manifestation each meditation becomes a choreography of the soul, a small 'show' where each person is the protagonist and enacts the manifestation of self, through a dancing body.

The Active Meditations I have created are a combination of the technical part, the expansion of emotions and energy, and the space that creates the conditions so that in a final stage the meditation can happen.

The more the body, through movement, unleashes energy, the more the wave increases its volume and when it touches its apex ... in sudden stillness ... meditation happens.

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