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alberi della foresta

Attentive and loving support and guidance in your journey of physical, personal or spiritual well-being

individual online sessions with
Deepti Canfora

routes created specifically for you

The individual path is undoubtedly the most direct, profound and effective way to work on your personal needs.


The individual sessions you can participate in are:

Deep Stretching - Canfora® method, with sequences of movements suited to the needs of your body.


Active Meditation by offering you meditations, different at each meeting,  and support the moment you are experiencing.


Counseling Metaphysical Dance to help and support you in the elaboration of your personal themes, creating a space of total respect, listening and non-judgment, and responding with flexibility and perspective to your needs, through an emotional and meditation path.

Experimentation is certainly an absolute value in my work.

Due to my family history, I grew up surrounded by echoes of refined music, and by nature and professional choice I entered the world of dance as a choreographer, mixing theatre, dance and meditation in an unconventional way.


But another fixed point in my life is personal and spiritual growth, always present in my work and which pushes me at a very young age to the other side of the world, to India, where I was lucky enough to have an extraordinary meeting with the Enlightened Master Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh today known as Osho. Thus meditation begins to be part of my universe. 


I experiment and develop expressive, gestural and emotional techniques in a continuous exchange between artistic invention and profound inner drive, which leads me to create the Deep Stretching-Canfora® Method, a new technique of postural stretching and deep relaxation and later the Metaphysical Dance®, a form of psychodance therapy, art therapy, mindfulness and meditation; a loving way for personal and spiritual growth, today accredited as a degree course by the Università Popolare di Milano.


The love for art, the human being and spiritual research is always present in my work and is palpable material in my seminars, courses or  individual sessions, which offer help and support in processing personal problems, creating a space of total respect, listening and non-judgment, responding with flexibility and perspective to the needs and requirements that arise.

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