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What I miss

the meaning of life you can find by meditating with Deepti

Have you ever, in a moment of pause from your days filled with commitments, responsibilities, anxieties, difficulties and stress, felt that there is something missing?

Despite all our busy-ness we keep getting the feeling that something is missing that can give meaning to our lives, something we have not yet achieved, and we often delude ourselves that:

o having more money,

or a more rewarding job,

or another wife or husband

or reaching a goal

will finally make us feel good.

And so we grit our teeth and we get busy and we get lost in all this busyness.

And at some point, we conquer one of the goals we set for ourselves. WOW we are just fine....

and then how come past the first moments or days of elation, that sense that "something is always missing," resurfaces?

Or dissatisfaction,

or unpleasant emotion,

or pain in the stomach,

or pressure on the chest,

they return.

In fact, a sense of

o a sense of failure,

or we feel hopeless,

or unsatisfied,

or incomplete.

But we don't want to feel that suffering and try to escape that emotional pain by using all the strategies at our disposal:

o fighting against it

or by gritting our teeth

or pretending that nothing is happening

o filling ourselves with things to do

o taking psychotropic drugs or other things

o by setting a new goal to reach

o et cetera

the list could be long, and for each of us have different nuances, but the thing that can help us is to know that it is possible to find what we lack, within ourselves.

I have been looking for it outside of myself for years, but through a path of growth accompanied by meditation, a light, at first faint and then increasingly intense, showed me the way, and I assure you it is right inside each of us.


One piece of advice I can give you is:

stop and devote time to yourself doing something that gives you pleasure, something small, don't chase big feats, start small even if it may seem trivial to you.

For example:

take a hot shower with your eyes closed, feeling the pleasure of the water on your skin and breathe, listen to your breath.

Breath is life

Life is deeply connected with the breath.

With each breath you die and are reborn

The breath is a bridge between you and your body

The breath is also a bridge between you and the universe.

At any time of the day:

close your eyes

use your senses

listen to your breath

let go with each exhalation

a first step, which may seem small to you, but I assure you it is of great importance.

One step to get closer to yourself.

One step to discover the way to yourself and your center of peace.

Begin to enjoy what you have and what you are

With love


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