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Meditation for the modern man

The dance that opens the door to silence.

Group active meditation technique

Meditation does NOT mean sitting with eyes closed, motionless.

Meditation means much more.

Meditation means becoming more aware.

  • Aware of ourselves,

  • Of our bodies,

  • Of our emotions,

  • of our thoughts.

This allows us to find that benefit so longed for by modern man, which is to become less subservient to our own mind, to be us in charge.

To be able to distinguish when the mind has the right to intervene, protect and guide us, and when it is not needed at all.

I use the term "being in the blender" with my students.

Does your mind ever resemble a blender?

Do you ever find yourself containing so much information that you wonder how it is possible to think so much? And maybe feel exhausted, frustrated and totally at the mercy of the cyclone.

It's not your fault. The society in which we live and the rhythms to which we are subjected leave us little choice.

In fact, modern man lives almost permanently in the blender.

Unfortunately, this creates negative consequences, from constant fatigue, anxiety, addictions, to the most serious diseases.

In the "blender" we are not happy, we are constantly in the grip of stress and anxiety; we seem to run everywhere without getting anywhere.

This impacts the quality of our lives, our intimate and family relationships, at work...everywhere!Are any of these situations familiar to you?

Know that you are not alone. But also know that...there is another way.

A way designed to be suitable for modern man, his life and his basic needs:

Active Meditation

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