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Deepti, I can't dance!

Can I participate in a Metaphysical dance workshop?

knowing the body to know the mind with meditation

I have eliminated judgment, aesthetic parameters, and comparison with others from the concept of dance, and kept only that which is therapeutic and transformative.

The only requirement, is that you want to undertake work on the body, know it, expand it, and use it as a tool for inner growth.

What happens in a Metaphysical dance workshop?

  • Between Body, Art, Theory and Practice...

Each topic is treated from the theoretical, experiential, energetic, emotional, psychological, metaphysical, and spiritual aspects.

In each workshop the body is the main tool to bring us in touch with our emotional dynamics.

We experience movement as an expressive matrix of emotions and moods related to our own experience and that create difficulties in our lives, through Workshops, Artistic Media, Active Imagination, Artistic Invention and Expressive Totality and Active Meditation.

  • Meditation and Self-Healing

Osho and Deepti's Active Meditation techniques, create a space and dimension of understanding and wholeness.

All the workshops offered stimulate the natural process of self-healing of the energy centers through Active Meditation, which takes us to regain a deeper contact with ourselves.

Meditation brings us into the silence and stillness of our center, where we can welcome and integrate all our discoveries.

A path of transformation and self-healing, which starts with the body and dance, knows the mind and observes it, meets the heart and gives peace.

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