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The graduate course in Metaphysical Dance® psychodance therapy counseling, is a kind of Lonely Planet, a guide that leads us to visit, know, experience, and observe the conscious and unconscious dynamics that bring discomfort and suffering, learning to welcome and transform them.

...From your inner self, to helping others.

The body is the gateway

The experiential process of Metaphysical Dance® is a journey from head to heart and the body is one of the main 'actors'.

The body is the threshold of access to ourselves and gesture, movement, dance, tools to know it and know ourselves

The method carries out a holistic experiential approach to deal with emotional, cognitive, behavioral discomforts; starting from the psycho-body unity, the body, with its gestural and expressive capacities and phenomenology, becomes the threshold to get in touch with the multiple patterns of thought and energy, shaping them through movement, dance, painting, writing, speech and meditation, drawing on the resources and talents you already possess in yourself.

Active meditation and fourth chakra

Osho's and Deepti's active meditations and the quality of the fourth chakra are method and focus that bring the fragrance of the inner space into a continuum of thought/emotion/action, which allows us to develop a process of psychological, personal and spiritual growth and help people.

And our spiritual heart, teaches us how to bring the fragrance of inner space into our lives thus allowing it to flourish and have the possibility to be supportive to others as well.

A pathway on the chakras is used as a common thread, reflecting the dynamics and patterns of behavior that often disturb and hinder, many aspects of our daily relational life, both intimate and social.

The Degree

The Università Popolare of Milan recognizes the three-year training pathway of the Metaphysical Dance psychodance therapy course, giving the possibility to obtain the Degree by taking only 3 more exams, at the University and the discussion of the final thesis at the People's University of Milan.

*The Università Popolare degli Studi di Milano is a University under international law authorized by MIUR to provide university degrees with legal value in Italy according to the Lisbon Convention by administrative order Prot. MIUR 313 of 14/10/2011 published in the Official Gazette 146 of 12/12/2011

The Teachers

Find out who is accompanying you on this journey...

Our teaching team is made up of people who have extensive experience in the field of Metaphysical Dance® and meditation.

Graduates your path to growth

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